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Mykhailo Oleksandrovych Maksymovych


     Mykhailo Oleksandrovych Maksymovych - was a scientist, whose interests were greatly expended: natural sciences, history, folklore, and fiction.He was born on September 15, 1804.His family belonged to the noble Cossack elders. In 1823 he had graduated from the Moscow University (verbal and natural divisions of the Philosophical faculty, and later on the Medicine faculty also). In 1833 he was awarded the scientific degree of Doctor and occupied the Chair of Botany as an ordinary professor. In 1834 he had got a Professorship of Russian Language and Literature at newly opened Kyiv University. At the same time he was elected as the first Rector of Kyiv University, and later on the Dean of the philosophical faculty. In 1845 he applied for retirement for the state of his health, and the rest of his life was engaged at scientific work. M. Maksymovych was an Honorary Member of number Ukrainian and Russian universities, various scientific societies. In 1871 he was elected the corresponding member of The Russia Science Academy. M. Maksymovych died in 1873.

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